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Has the fashion design world finally gone mad?


Do they honestly think that stick thin model, Martyna Budna represents the real women out on the streets?

Time to Talk about your Eating Disorder


This week marks the start of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, run by Beat, a Charity specifically designed to raise awareness of the difficulty and danger of these illnesses…

Victimisation or harassment in the workplace?


Did you know that it’s reported that almost one in ten women have been sexually harassed in the workplace and even more felt victimised by male bosses?

Fantasies…sex aid or unfaithful?


If you have fantasies about other men, does it mean that you don’t love your partner?

That green eyed monster…


Have you been or are you jealous of a work colleague, relative or friend for something that they have achieved or something they have?

How to know if he’s your soulmate


Ever wondered if your partner or the guy you’re dating is your soulmate? Hollywood Psychic, Victoria Bullis tells 7 ways in which you can identify whether he is just a quick fling or a lifelong partner.

Sex in the morning – yes please or no thank you?


One of my most favourite times for a ‘quicky’ is first thing in the morning and judging by the sniggering and knowing glances around the office, it would be a favourite of most of our team, so how about you? Can you get past that ‘morning breath’ thing to enjoy some early morning passion? Do [...]

Family Feud?


There are nearly 20 million people in Britain who are not speaking to members of their family after bitter bust ups!

Are you one of them?

Mums Say Family Photos Are Their Most Prized Possessions


Real Women Today want to know if you agree. Would you save your family photos from a burning fire before you even considered grabbing your mobile phone or handbag?

Victoria Bullis – Hollywood Psychic


Ever wondered if that man is right for you, if you are on the right career path, what your clothes say about you as a person, who you were in a previous life, or what your future may hold?

If you have then HOLLYWOOD PSYCHIC, VICTORIA BULLIS is the lady to call.