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Cosmetic Surgery


The cosmetic industry is now worth a massive £2.3bn a year, a figure the current recession doesn’t appear to be having an effect on

Midlife woes


Lindsey Agness tells Real Women Today why there is no need for plastic surgery and how we can feel
more confident naturally

Book of the week…


Award-nominated historical drama from Maria McCann.

Book of the week…


Just try to put this one down?!

3 Steps To Getting It All Done By Working With Your Brain Not Against It


We all know that women can multi-task.
But do we put pressure on ourselves when we try to take on too much?
Dr Lisa Turner provides Real Women Today readers with some advice…

How do you decorate a white Christmas Tree?


Are there different rules for decorating a White Christmas Tree?
Not really, it’s all down to individual taste…

Patience is a virtue!


“Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can,
‘Tis often found in woman,
But seldom in a man.”
- Anon

How to apply foundation


If you have never mastered the art of applying foundation successfully, then this is the video to watch!
Be warned though, it is quite lengthly…

Workplace stress prompts comfort eating


Excess stress at work causes one in three people to comfort eat.

A recent poll revealed that 80 per cent of adults confess to regularly indulging in comforting foods to make themselves feel better – what food makes you happy?

New Peachy Pink Control Pants!


Love the new YouTube video from Peachy Pink –
‘We can only get you so far’

Video shows a beautiful brunette and the effects the pants can, and can’t have…