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Book of the week…


Heartwarming, compelling and genuinely remarkable, ‘More than just Coincidence’ is the true story of a mother who was reunited with her daughter, twenty years after she gave her up for adoption, in the most incredible of circumstances…

Book of the month – October 2010


Don’t be put off by the plain cover – this book won the 2009 Man Booker Prize.
What a truly gripping read – guarantee you will not be able to put this one down!

Emotional Eating


Emotional eating is something that a majority of women do at some point in their lives. Sometimes without even realising it!
Dr Lisa Turner provides some useful advice and tips on how to recognise, and control that urge…

Are you bored stiff?


The average married couple is thoroughly bored with each other 10 years and 11 months after the wedding, it was revealed recently.

Is this the case for you?

I’ve lost my Mojo!


During the menopause many women mentally retreat from sex and land up in a vicious circle of ‘It’s not that interesting anymore’ or ‘I don’t feel attractive enough anymore’ so how can you mentally revamp your love life? Real Women Today friend and author, Barbara Frodsham tells how you can get your mojo back and overcome your sexual blues.

Book of the week…


The ladies at Real Women Today could really relate to this book – the biography of a woman’s struggle with food – chiefly the coveted, yet demonic, chocolate biscuit…

Moisturising miracle!


Need a moisturiser that keep yours oily skin at bay?

The look no further than Cliniques dramatically different moisturising gel.

Impotency – what’s it all about?


Does male impotency affect your relationship?
Real Women Today would like to hear from you.

Menopause! – can’t wait!


Have you experienced the menopause or are you slowy edging towards it? Real Women Today would love to hear your experiences, fears or advice…

Padded boxers! – are you sure?


These days it’s all about enhancement! Padded bras for ladies and now padded boxers for the lads!
What Real Women Today want to know is… would you?