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Are you a grandparent?


There is much assumed about what rights grandparents have to contact with their grandchildren, but did you know that none of them are formal?

This article will give you some interesting family advice on your contact rights as a grandparent.

Depression – one in eight of us have it!


You are not weak, unusual, a bit mad or alone – there are a lot of us out there.

Helpful health advice tips on depression but most importantly, don’t suffer in silence any longer.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – are they legal?


Have you ever thought that you needed a pre-nup?

Read on for some sensible legal advice, pre-nups are not as legal as you may think!

Are we all bitches?


Or is it something that just comes naturally?
Read this anecdote and maybe, just maybe you might recognise yourself or someone close.
But take a woman’s advice, bitching is not nice, its not necessary and its certainly not clever…