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Put off that man…….


If you are with a man and want to get rid of him and let him think he did it himself, or you are with a man and he is getting a bit too serious, then read on for some fabulous relationship advice from Debbie Connolly.

Online dating sites….


Do they really work?

Fancy yourself as a Cougar?


It’s all the rage now apparantly, have you tried a younger model?

Why do women try to dress their men?


What is is about us women? We find a man we like and then we try to change them. Are you guilty of this?

Lovers – a luxury or a necessity?


Could taking a lover help your personal relationships or end them completely?

Read about a real women experience and add your own relationship advice ‘tit bits’.

Hairy What?


For all those younger ladies out there take this advice from a real woman –
Prepare for your older years wisely…
If you don’t – you could be in for a big surprise…

Spring and Summer trends 2010


Fashion tips for the larger ladies…
Ok so you are not a size 10. That doesn’t mean that you have to resort to baggy tops and flowing skirts.
Our very own fashion advisor Helen Reid gives Real Women Today a few tips to help us on our way…

What new law would you introduce?


There is no doubt about it – the country is in a state.  There are many issues that need addressing.  What do you see as being the priority? If you could introduce one new law, what would it be and why?



Unfortunately this happens to the majority of us at some point in out lifes.  Real Women Today want you to share your stories and experiences so that we can offer advice and support to those who find themselves in similar postions. Tell us… ♥ Were you bullied as a child? – If so, what impact did [...]

Same sex couples…


♦ How do you feel about lesbian and gay couples? ♦ Do you think they should be allowed to get married? ♦ Should gay couples be allowed to adopt? ♦ Living with same sex parents? What is the impact on everyday life? ♦ Have a homosexual sibling/child? – How has this affected your family and [...]