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Swinging – have you tried it?


Does the thought of attending a swingers party fill you will excitement or dread?
If the opportunity arose would you try it or would you run a mile?
Have you attended one and fancy giving us some advice and tips on what not to do?
Please tell us more here…

Make life with IBS simpler


Did you know that twice as many women suffer with Irritable Bowel syndrome than men? No one knows exactly what causes the symptoms but the most common age to get IBS is between 30 and 50. Great, something else for us ladies to look forward to!

Chatting to our Real Women Today friends and family, there does appear to be some simple health advice tips to ease the symptoms so we would like to share them with you.



These days the choice on foundations can sometimes be overwhelming.
How do we know which foundation will suit our lifestyle and our skin?

Here are a few tips…

Perfume Hot Spots and Tips


You would have thought that it was pretty obvious where you should and shouldn’t spray your perfume but no… isn’t – here’s some beauty advice we would give to you ladies…..

Domestic Violence


Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Do you feel like you are you suffering alone?

The first thing to remember is that you are NOT alone.

Pensions, working parents and training affected by new legislation


New legislation came into effect on the 6th April, impacting pensions, working parents and training which could affect you.