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Pets or Pawns


Do you use your dog to control your partner?

Dog training expert, Debbie Connolly, gives her advice on why your pets should never be used as a pawn in your relationships.

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Thought for the day….


Girl Power Ladies!


‘One woman can change anything, many women can change EVERYTHING’

- so where shall we start?

Female Masturbation


Are you into DIY?
Or does the thought of self pleasure leave you squirming in your seat?

Real Women Today look at the most common techniques used and ask for your opinions.

Thought for the day…


Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning

- the Devil says ‘oh shit, she’s up’

Boobs in Business?


Should women play the ‘boobs in business’ game?

Here’s some interesting advice from Debbie Connolly as to why sometimes, the boobs do the talking!




So why do I feel so down?

What could possibly be THAT bad???

I’ll tell you what…

Simple changes to your diet


Eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Take a look at these ideas, they might just give you some inspiration.

Parental Responsibility


Parental responsibility…

A brief overview of what it MEANS to you, your child and your partner.

Setting up on your own?


Thinking of setting up on your own?

BE prepared, do the research and talk to your family and friends.

Real Women Today have found a GREAT, FREE site to help get you started.