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Be adventurous!


Fancy doing something that little bit different?

Then try these for size… they’re not too scary, easy to do and will generate some fun!

Fancy a short break?


Looking for excitement, romance, breathtaking scenery or just some good old fashioned FUN?

Check out our quick guide to popular top 10 city breaks.

Hair Extensions


Want to take the plunge and try a new look for your hair?

Check out this Real Women’s guide to getting them right!

Busy life?


The perfect pasta dish with prawns and feta cheese.

Only 16 minutes from start to finish.

Five minute pick me up…


Overcome tiredness without caffeine!

Strangers for the night…


Stop your love life from becoming just a habit!

TAKE CONTROL and give your man a night he won’t forget.

Get your man hot!


Remember ladies, it takes TWO to make a relationship work.

Give your man the night off by instigating these simple yet effective tips…

Interested in volunteering?


Volunteers come from all walks of life. They are as much in demand now as they have ever been.

If you can spare 3 hours or more a week, give it a go – after all what have you got to loose?

Have you got some time?


Have you got a few minutes, hours or days to spare and want to feel good about yourself giving something back?

Real Women Today have found 10 ideas that might inspire you.