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Loads of offers coming soon!


Real Women Today will be working hard to get you the best offers on things that actually matter to you. If you would like to suggest any company that you would like us to approach for an offer, then leave a comment below.

A must have Autumn jacket…


Looking for an Autumn jacket that is trendy, fun and very adaptable?
Then look no further…
Absolutely love this jacket from Simply Be…

Smacking – are you for it or against it?


What are your thoughts on smacking a child in the real world? Parents today have many pressures put upon them – paying the bills, keeping their job, spending quality time with the kids, diet, health, schooling – the list is never ending.

In keeping it all together, at what point is it acceptable to smack your child, or is it never acceptable?

How do you keep your relationship alive?


Long time partners or the first early dates – how do you keep your relationship alive and exciting?

Handbags and Shoes


  Two must have’s that a lady can’t do without! What’s the most expensive handbag or pair of shoes you’ve bought?  Why did you do it? And how did it make you feel? Leave your stories and comments below and we can share them with the girls.