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10 ways to make your office more fun!

It’s easy to become uninspired and lack creativity when your workspace is a dull, grey box. If this sounds like your office, David Brent-alike optional, there are few measures you can take to liven the place up a bit. The following 10 tips should help make Monday morning less of a chore and you might even start to look forward to work!

1.      Choose funky chairs
A good office chair is usually about back support but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on the fun factor. Check out some of these colourful suggestions to add a little pizzazz to your work space!

Top tip: Mix and match different styles and colours to create a more unique look.
The modern New York office chair is functional as well as funky and the vibrant orange is sure to kick start your creativity.

2.      Start a ‘cool stuff’ board
This is a great way to encourage sharing of ideas and interests in your office environment. If you work from home and on your own, adding pics of your family or things you want to achieve can help make your workspace feel more homely or motivating!

3.      Get Spotify and nominate a DJ
Inject some fun into your office with a DJ democracy. Organise spontaneous ‘stick it on’ days and mix things up with themed playlists, so nobody’s musical taste gets ignored. Putting music on shuffle can also generate creativity, which may help you think about projects from different angles.

4.      Plants and flowers
Not only do plants energise a bland room, they’re also proven to help reduce stress and absorb toxins. Flowers such as lilies and jasmine have strong aromas which permeate – leaving your office smelling sweet and you feeling good.

5.      Pictures and photography
A simple option to spruce up plain walls is to pick out photography or pictures that inspire you. Be bold and make a statement in your office. Employees and clients alike will appreciate a sense of identity and individuality.

6.      Create a DVD/book library
All work and no play makes… a very dull workplace! So why not encourage employees to bring in books and films to share on a communal bookcase? You never know what may inspire a great idea!

7.      Start a Friday bake off!
There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition at work and a bake-off creates something tasty for the whole office to enjoy.

8.      Have a five minute quiz
Pick a day once a week to send a five minute quiz to co-workers. Nominate a quiz master to write a few questions on a theme (work related or otherwise) and e-mail them to everybody to bring a bit of fun to their in boxes. You could give a prize to the winner or make the loser do a tea round.

9.      Accessorise your desk
Your personal workspace can seriously affect the way you feel during the day. Having an inspiring desk can make you think more creatively and simply cheer you up a bit. Investing in some colourful stationary that you actually like to use can help with your motivation, as well as making your desk look inviting.

10.  Comfy break out areas
Not everyone is their most creative at a desk so it’s important to create other comfortable areas that can be used when a change of scenery is required. Colourful beanbags, cushionssofas and textured rugs, placed in a dedicated area, will create an inviting break-out space.


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